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Some kind of contest.

Hey QBasic.com readers, I got an email in my inbox that I think you all might be interested in. Here it is:


We are glad to announce new contest on http://acm.sgu.ru/.

Izhevsk State Technical University Contest 3 will take place on March 22, 2009 11:00 (Moscow Time).

Also we want to remind you that Petr, Michael_Levin and VitalyGoldstein Contest (aka Petr Mitrichev Contest 4) will take place on March 15, 2009 11:00 (Moscow Time).

These contests were set earlier at the Petrozavodsk training camps. You can see details on http://acm.sgu.ru/. Do not take part in the contest if you already were solving the problems from it.

With the best wishes
    Online Contester Team.

Hopefully this contest has to do with BASIC, but I’m not sure. Enjoy!

Any suggestions?

Do any of you readers have some bright ideas about how to improve QBasic.com? I’m open to just about any suggestions, really. If this is as good as it gets…well, that’s kinda sad. There’s gotta be something that needs a fix or tweak or a completely new feature installed.

Also, if any of you readers are good writers, let me know. I’d like to have some people typing up editorials while news is slow, which it unfortunately seems to be 24/7. Leave a comment.

You guys do know how to leave comments, right?

QB64 Compiler V0.8 released

Galleon has  updated his Qbasic compatibile compiler again. Version 0.8 adds a fully integrated 2D graphics interface, extending the graphics capabilities of Qbasic. Also added are support for many graphics formats such as .GIF, .JPG & .PCX, and now you can use .TTF (true type fonts) in your programs. No further Qbasic compatibilty was added in this release, but Galleon has stated he will focus on more Qbasic compatibility in the coming months.

Several other new features are added in this rel...
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