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QBasic.com Flashchat

Per burger2227’s suggestion in this thread on Pete’s QBasic Site’s forum, I’ve installed Flashchat and integrated it with Wordpress. You must have an account on Wordpress before logging into Flashchat. Use the same username and password for both scripts.

Enjoy the increased functionality and improved form that comes with a completely flash-based chat system! No Java or IRC channels are involved, so you can even use the Flashchat at work (provided work doesn’t block QBasic.com in it’s entirety).

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know by commenting on this post.

Need RSS feeds.

Welcome to the revamped (yet again) QBasic.com.

If you know a live RSS feed from a non-defunct QBasic fansite, post it here so I can set up this place correctly. You’ll have to make an account to post a comment. It’s not hard at all, I promise.

Also, suggest some links for the sidebar if you’ve got any really good ones.

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