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FreeBASIC Games Directory update

Lachie has updated the FreeBASIC Games Directory with 18 new games. Visit http://games.freebasic.net/ to catch up on your FB gaming.

BASIC Game Issue 1 released

Lachie has released the first edition of BASIC Gamer, a "FB/QB64/QB games dedicated ezine". You can read it online at http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGamer/Issue1/index.html or download it from http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGamer/BASIC_Gamer_Issue1.zip (42.5 MB). The second issue is due o…

QB64 V0.91 is released (source code too!)

The QB64 project is moving right along with a new release!  This new version includes an update feature that updates the compiler package when new files are added/changed.  It comes with a "classic" Qbasic looking IDE.  QB64 is now a self-compiling compiler and  SOURCE CODE IS INCLUDED!  

The project has a growing community of active & helful Qbasic fans and a decent wiki. Most Qbasic/QB BAS code will compile with QB64.

For details on this release and for a QB64 download just go here:

QB64 V0.872 released

QB64 Version 0.872 (April 16th) has been released with the following updates:

- QB64 compiler/ide source code released!  (.bas file located in download in qb64\source\ folder)
- Implemented REDIM _PRESERVE array-name(…)
 (QB64 uses _PRESERVE to dynamically scale itself and can now compile even larger programs)
- New commands added to control/automate the desktop
 i=_SCREENIMAGE 'creates a new image of the desktop (always a 32-bit image, don't forget to free it later)
 _SCREENCLICK x,y 'sim…

QB64 V0.841 released (Windows + Linux)

Looking for a Qbasic for Windows or Linux?  QB64 may now be it.  The new version released today includes support for commands previous versions didn't have, such as DRAW, letting QB64 now compile the vast majority of Qbasic programs out there.  

Instead of me telling you all about it, just download QB64 here and try it out for yourself:

Below is a summary Galleon has included with the d…

QB64 V0.84 released (Windows only)

The QB64 compiler project updates once again by releasing QB64 V0.84.  This is a major update as it fixes a critical IDE memory issue, several bugs, and adds even more Qbasic compatibility.  This is a Windows only release.  The next Linux version is not expected utill the V0.841 update planned 3 weeks from now. 

QB64 is currently a one-man project, by Galleon, aimed at making a Qbasic compatible compiler that will produce EXE's which will run perfectly on modern computers.  It comes with a '…

Qbasic Station is gone!

If anybody knows how to contact the owner, Jack Thomson, please notify him that his domain registration apparently expired on May 13, 2009.



QB Error Codes

Error Code Error Message
1 NEXT without FOR
2 Syntax Error
3 RETURN without GOSUB
4 Out of DATA
5 Illegal function call
6 Overflow
7 Out of memory
8 Label not defined
9 Subscript out of range
10 Duplicate definition
11 Division by zero
12 Illegal in direct mode
13 Type mismatch
14 Out of string space
16 String formula too complex
17 Cannot continue
18 Function not defined
20 RESUME without error
24 Device timeout
25 Device Fault
26 FOR without NEXT
27 Out o…

Some kind of contest.

Hey QBasic.com readers, I got an email in my inbox that I think you all might be interested in. Here it is:

We are glad to announce new contest on http://acm.sgu.ru/.
Izhevsk State Technical University Contest 3 will take place on March 22, 2009 11:00 (Moscow Time).
Also we want to remind you that Petr, Michael_Levin [...]

QB64 V0.82x released (Windows only)

A new version of QB64, the Qbasic compatible compiler, is released today. QB64 is a one-man project aimed at making a Qbasic compatible compiler that will produce EXE's that will run perfectly on modern computers.  Most of Qbasic commands are fully supported, making QB64 perhaps the most Qbasic compatible compiler out there.

Changes/updates in this release is as follows:

1) PRINT USING command
2) STATIC command (all usages)
3) Major bug fixes to the QB64 IDE
4) Major bug fixes and improvement…

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