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Issue 9 of BASIC Gaming released

The latest edition of BASIC Gaming has been released. You can read it at http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGaming/Issue9/index.html.

Seasons of the Year FBGD Competition launches

Lachie has posted the new FreeBASIC Games Directory competition with the team of "Seasons of the Year" for more information please see the official thread at http://games.freebasic.net/forum/index.php?topic=559.0

FreeBASIC Games Directory update

Lachie has updated the FreeBASIC Games Directory with 18 new games. Visit http://games.freebasic.net/ to catch up on your FB gaming.

QB64 GL v3 out (make smaller EXE’s with no DLL’s required)

This came out in September, I should have posted it then..

Galleon is hard at work with a new version of the QB64 compiler (QBASIC code compatabile!) that makes smaller standalone EXE's that don't need the SDL DLL's to run.  One complaint people had with QB64 is the large SDL library overhead compiled EXE's required to run.  QB64 GL version is eleminating that!

Not every QB64 command up and running yet in the GL version, but most are.  This is a major development in the QB64 project and I enc…

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