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Issue 2 of BASIC Gamer released

The latest edition of BASIC Gamer has been released this week, issue number 2. It showcases several interesting new projects in news brief (including some amazing ones by Dr_D), head on to http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGamer/Issue2/index.html to read it now.

BASIC Game Issue 1 released

Lachie has released the first edition of BASIC Gamer, a "FB/QB64/QB games dedicated ezine". You can read it online at http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGamer/Issue1/index.html or download it from http://games.freebasic.net/BASICGamer/BASIC_Gamer_Issue1.zip (42.5 MB). The second issue is due o…

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